Workday visits have always been something Ryan + I have made a priority. When we were dating, our work circumstances didn’t always allow for us to have many lunch dates. Once we became engaged, the logistics improved, so we made up for lost time!

It was always so nice seeing my beau in the middle of almost every day.  A quick step outside our respective office buildings to see a loving, smiling face + share a bite to eat, made the days fly!

Now that we have two girls, we still make time to stop by “dada’s” office.  Oftentime we take lunch by when things get crazy for him, or an ice cream or baked goods to provide a small exhale for him + us too really!  It’s that touch of togetherness that sometimes can turn a day around + help you push through to the end.  We realize it has always been a great blessing that we have been afforded the opportunity + resources to make these visits happen, but we also realize how rare it is that we get to see each other so often.  These are the little things that make our life worthwhile- just like spending time outside on the porch.

My absolute favorite visits are those when our oldest gets to pull up a chair + pretends she’s an architect—“helping dada build his buildings” + little sketches to her mind’s content.  It reminds me of all the times I got to color with highlighters on legal pads at dad’s office, but there is something so right about spending a few mintues together where dada spends his hours working so hard for our family + getting to know the people he works with too.  These are the moments that make life special.


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