When I lived with my parents, there was a neighbor of ours who loved to start the BOO’s going in the neighborhood, except these were always welcome and festive boos. A simple poem / ghost would turn up on our front door or somewhere on the porch with a spooky fun Halloween treat.

The only instructions were to enjoy it + pass it on! This is such a fun thing to do to help spread the cheer around your neighborhood as well as get everyone excited prep for trick-or-treaters. I like to think that even those without children in their home may get more excited for the annual autumnal celebration! Is this something you would consider doing on your street? Let me know, I can post some links to help you get started.

Also, on that note, please enjoy this wonderful bat template I use to create the boos, festive wall decor + even these trick or treat bags for Halloween! Love this template because of all the different sizes + how efficiently they fit on one 8×10 page. Enjoy!



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