This morning we have a book review! We recently picked up a handful of Halloween reads from the stacks…I have learned in my few short years of mothering that if it is seasonal books you want, the early bird gets the worm.
My favorite from this most recent haul is “Room on the Broom”, by Julia Donaldson with pictures by Axel Scheffler. We were first introduced to this story last Halloween-time when we found it in short film form on Netflix. It was such a sweet tale! Fast foward to this year + it has faded a little into the fog of acclaimating to a new baby in our crew. Nonetheless, I found it at our local library with no more than an inkling that I may have read this one before. Well– when we opened it up, I knew it was the same story we had watched a short time ago!

One of my favorite parts about reading children’s books with my girls is seeing the endpapers (the pages that come before + after the story and which are oftentime attached to front + back covers). These pages aren’t always decorated so it is a special treat when we find that it relates to the story we are about to read or have just finished reading. “Room on the Broom” features the items that fall off the broom in the story floating through the air with a few fall leaves.
Both of my girls have gravitated toward this book + my three-year-old made a wand out of wiki sticks + a paper straw while we were out to lunch just two days after reading it together!
It is a fun one! Hope you can find it at your library in time for the bewitching season!


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