porches + panache | porch in progress, part I

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Since moving in this past summer, our “rocking chair” (shallow) porch has been at the front of my mind, although at the bottom of the need to-do list. Slowly + patiently I have added elements to the porch while spending twice as much time dreaming up the look + feel of our cozy “rocking chair” porch.

When we lived in our teeny Charleston townhome, we often spent countless hours dreaming of spending all day every day outside under a tin roof, on a swing or other cozy perch. This is one of the many surreal parts of life now, because we have a porch- pinch me please!

Plants are generally at the top of my outside-the-home wish list as I have grown so fond of flora of many kinds in my adult life from cut flowers to evergreens, I am curating my favorites for every spot imaginable-oh, the joys of a gardener! There is just no subsitute for lush green plants to welcome you home + guests inside your door. When flowers are in season, they too can immediately liven up a space particularly when you are trying to stick to a budget. Such an easy purchase to last months if not years down the road.

Secondly, we needed a place to sit. While the stairs are often our preferred seat of choice, what could be better than a dry spot to watch the rain come down or wait for “dad” to arrive home at day’s end? After much thought I went to my antique cache + placed one of my most prized “piddlin'” treasures alongside the right front wall + immediately things became a bit more like home.

Before I knew it, Fall was upon us + so out came the Halloween decor. I have only ever dreamed of a such a porch to decorate for trick-or-treaters + this was finally my chance! We pulled out all the stops + perched a small flock of black crows on downed limbs, bought the last fern at our nearest nursery for the black urn (forever more I will buy planters in twos!). The girls helped me transform our storm door into a mummy + I added our wood + tin lanterns to the mix + voila! We had the makings of something really great. Read more about our ghoulish decor here.

After what felt like months upon months, we found a classic, unfinished porch swing that just fits between the rail + stone front siding + we hope to paint her in the coming weeks- stay tuned! What color do you love most on front porches? There is such room for color from the front door, the floorboards, the ceiling to furniture, rugs, throw pillows + flowers- gracious, the mind does reel!

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