Ryan + I have enjoyed working on our home inside or outside for as long as I can remember.  Now that we have a yard the work outside is more substantial, we have tried to make what could be a chore, time for our family to spend together while having some fun.  From picking up sticks + pinecones to cutting the grass- it is a genually family affair!  The best is the goofy / cute things that happen when the girls tag along (sometimes they are napping).  Our oldest loves to ride on the lawn mower with Ryan + this is a hobby of hers that is constantly evolving.  Initially she would not touch the thing or come near it- on or off!  Once she saw me ride it, then she was all over it!  I really need to get her a pair of earmuffs I think. Update: I found some here

Now as a fully-fledged preschooler, she likes to wear a wide brimmed sun hat while riding + even has her own work gloves for picking up all the prickly pinecones.  She is always the first to call for a Gatorade break at the first bead of sweat!  She’s good at keeping us hydrated so we usually enjoy a good laugh when the call comes.

Our youngest still gets a pass + typically sits in the wagon snacking, but she will be ready to tag along once she decides to start walking!

We have only been in our home for about 3/4 of a year + have made many memories in our yard together- I look forward to sharing many more to come


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