One of the things I love most about being in my thirties is knowing exactly what I like.  Now, don’t let me fool you, there are a great many things I still do not know, in particular I still have trouble deciding what to cook/pickup tonight for dinner + which chore I should do first (all of them) but this is the scenery of a life deeply lived: learning along the way what we like.  Now, I am remiss if I do not say these are little things in the grand scheme, so I call them creature comforts, better, little luxuries that elevate an otherwise mundane moment to exciting.



Here are a few things I personally love to indulge in- any one of these is plenty!


nespresso machine // a quality candle // crisp + classic j.crew pjs // netflix / tv streaming service // movie popcorn at home…in a seriously pretty bowl // Sprouts’ gummy bears // fuzzy slippers // cozy blanket // comfy swivel chairs // lecroix with a slice of fruit // + my favorite at home spa treatment, an at home honey facial via the body shop (not pictured)

These help me find rest + relaxation as I recharge for another day!  What do you like to induldge in every so often?


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