The addition of this joggling board to our porch has been a momentous one! I have a handful of vivid memories from growing up in Charleston, joggling with cousins + friends, so having one now on our porch to share with our family is a treasure + a treat!

The gift arrived a few days before the Super Bowl + we put it together easily before the big game! Take a look at how the process went:


It was a breeze to put together + took hardly much time at all. Now we have this awesome seat to sit for waving hi + bye to Ryan! What an awesome gift this is for our family to enjoy + make memories with! Special thanks to my parents + brothers for such a thoughtful gift!  I love having a piece of Charleston here with us in Georgia!

Looking forward to sharing many more memories from this spot with all of y’all soon—



Disclaimer: *this is not a sponsored post + I have not been paid to say any of this, all remarks are mine

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