It is such fun to find ways to celebrate life + when you have a toddler or two there is seemingly always something to celebrate!

Here is how we are (have been) celebrating (all month long) Valentine’s Day!

  • Hung up our Valentine’s flag/s
  • Made + mailed homemade Valentine’s cards + a care package
  • Opened a fun package from the girls’ grandparents
  • Watched Happy Valentine’s Day Charlie Brown (quite a few times!)
  • Borrowed some fun seasonal library books
  • We made up a new Valentine trail mix (recipe below)
  • Set up a Valentine reading nook with some pretty garlands
  • Ate all the festive Trader Joe’s snacks we could find (shared them here)
  • Bath toys get rotated, so even bathtime got a little Valentine’s fun!
  • Valentine surprised me with a beautiful wildflower bouquet
  • Baked snickerdoodles + chocolate chip cookies, Valentine’s edition (red and pink milk chocolate M+M’s + dark chocolate chunks)

Now, as far as Ash Wednesday, (rough to have it fall on Valentine’s Day, yes?) we have a little work to do, my three year old was not too keen on receiving her ashes this morning + I think that it’s perfectly fine for her to be unsure for now!  It is such a solemn day, so it’s a sign to see that she is observant enough to pick up on the differences between this service + a normal Sunday mass—at least I know she’s paying attention!  This is a good start in my book.

I would be remiss if I didn’t honor an extra special Valentine today as well- my poppa was born on this day in 1919 + though he is no longer here, I smile thinking about him + how fitting it was for him to share his day with Saint Valentine.  He was a great many things, but I was fortunate enough to know that he had a kind heart + he loved everyone in his family, deeply.

As promised above, here is the fun mix we made for Valentine’s Day!  You could always leave out the pink yogurt raisins for a year round sweet-n-salty snack too.


XOXO + Happy Valentine’s Day!


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