Happy Friday!  I’m sharing a few thoughts on self-care today.  When we get caught up in life’s responsibilities, be it work or family, friends or those in need, the importance of caring for ourselves can be easily lost in the shuffle—this is no secret!

My own personal care checklist has been ever evolving since I first discovered lip balm I suppose, but in a particular way after having babies.  I realized both times, in seperate ways the importance of caring for myself + especially drew motivation from my babies being girls!

I have only recently made the time to return to the healthy habit + have even been able to add a couple new items to my feel-better regimen!  It is nice knowing that I’m back to looking after myself with any one of these small self-care “treatments”.  It goes without saying, we all could do a better job loving ourselves on physical + mental levels.  Taking care of ourselves means something different to everyone.  Like anything else, the more we make a routine of it, the better honed this skill becomes which we know in turn, benefits everyone in the long run.

First up + most importantly in my personal care routine is my workout regimen: if I do nothing else in a day, there is always a resistence or yoga circuit that I can easily fit in after the girls go down for their quiet/nap time. Each time, these workouts are guaranteed to leave me a-glow with endorphins + a boost of confidence to take on toddles + kik for round two.  I use the SWEAT with Kayla Itsines app + it is incredible!  It pushes me while still making me feel like fitness is attainable which has been an incredible resource for getting active again ahead of the warm (running) weather.

  1. ribbon hair ties are gentle on hair, toddles + kik approved + fun to wear! In a small way its using little things like this that help me to be excited for getting active + staying fit!
  2. workout pants, these are great for my lifestyle as a mom because they have “stash” pockets on the sides that can hug anything from keys to a phone while going to + from or chasing toddlers around!
  3. athletic shoes you love; I can’t wait to put these on + it gets me excited from the start of each day for my lunch-time workout!  I am a sucker for whites, creams + especially golds- obvious, no?
  4. Amazon basics foam roller; after first using these in a pre-natal foam roller class, I ordered one to help me stretch out tight muscles + was surprisingly excited to find SWEAT with Kayla (below) offers recovery + stretching circuits with a foam roller!  If you know, you know what a good thing a foam roller can be for your health + well being!  I speak from experience.  Even if you do not workout at all, it can be insightful to see what parts of your body you carry your stress.  This would be a great first step toward being more active for all the newbies out there!
  5. SWEAT with Kayla Itsines app (screenshot); I cannot say enough about this…you have to try it to believe, but it is the best I have ever tried for circuit + resistence training.  I LOVE that I can do a yoga routine any day of the week + the way it offers an apple watch app too- real time tracking reels my motivation in, in a big way here! (Hoping to share more of my experiences with you very soon!)
  6. Amazon basics yoga mat; featured here in my favorite color- the color, feel + reliable function of keeping me from slipping around while doing resistence or yoga circuits is all I really need to be excited for burning a few calories + being good to my body! Is there any color more beautiful than this refreshing crisp blue!? Ah!
  7. I have never been keen to run, workout or even walk in shorts until my hubby picked these on the fly shorts out as a surcie for me from lululemon- as an incentive to get back in the saddle post baby 2!  (I am a lucky lady to have his support!!)
  8. this waterbottle is on my wish list; I can usually be found drinking a LaCroix, but during a workout, all I want is plain, filtered water!  This would help me remember to keep it handy!

personal care workout regimen

And now, a few things here that make me feel a little more like a lady any night of the week but even more on days I have indulged in a challenging workout!

  1. an eyemask for added darkness at bedtime- I have always found this otherwise frilly, silly item truly increased my quality of sleep.  There are so many different styles available, you are sure to find one that suits your comfort with not a lot of effort.
  2. Pajamas that are comfortable; again, many styles available, so find what fits you best!  I enjoy a different style in the summer than I do in the months with a chill- these from j.crew fit me loosely + still keep me warm + SO cozy on those nights when I just need a little extra comfort.
  3. Foot cream; definitely one of those things that men may never understand, but so nice to wake up with soft feet, am I right?  A little lotion of really any kind, covered up with socks over night + voila, feet like a newborn by morning!  Bring on the sandal weather, spring!
  4. Is there anything better than a candle that is as beautiful looking while it burns as it is lightly fragrant; my husband has always said I have a very super powered nose (perhaps, my calling to be a sommelier?) so the scent of everything but particularly, candles is highly important.  I have really enjoyed this one we found at a Archer Paper Co. at Ponce City Market.  Voluspa is a great brand that always offers a nice scent in a pretty tin or container- such a nice way to elevate even the simplest of shower/bedtime routines!
  5. Somedays need something a little more literal to help “wash away the day”.  After a dear friend sent a sample of this face mask in a care package, I was hooked.  I am somewhat new to face masks, as I have never done one regularly, but this one smells so nice + subtle, feels rich like honey, though applies + washes off cleanly.  I sometimes treat myself to this in the shower instead of sitting around doing nothing for the 2-5 suggested time.  It always leaves the skin on my face feeling refined + so refreshed!
  6. Essie nailpolish is among my favorites for an at-home mani.  These basic polishes are among the most affordable you can buy, offer endless options to fit the mood or occasion and though they still may chip after a couple days, are sure to come off as easy as they paint on!  Love this brand for it’s fresh color choices, quality + consistency.

personal care

Here’s to building your own personal care regimen!  Let me know what you like in the comments below!  I would love to try some of your favorites too—Happy Pampering!

from our porch to yours



All of these products are things that I have had a postive experince with; there are of course many other options for you to choose from + I have not been paid to share these products with you, it is simply what I know from my personal experience.  Happy to answer any questions you have regarding these listed.


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