The birds are going berserk in Georgia! We have really seen a great number + nice variety too so far.

A cousin sent us a surcie- a bird identification book that she has found handy on many occasions!  My dad has always been into viewing birds casually from his back porch + has quite a set up of feeders for all those he’d like to see. I however have always been overwhelmed by the great number + types of birds there are to see.  It’s been since winter + receiving this book that I have found success in my first attempts to identify + observe the sights + many sounds of the birds in our backyard + beyond.

Let’s see what I can recall here briefly without looking at my notes:

  • cardinals, male + females
  • carolina chickadees …so cute!
  • house wrens
  • house finches
  • robins
  • eastern bluebirds
  • red bellied woodpeckers
  • downy woodpeckers
  • red-shouldered hawk

I will try to include some pictures on my next post of some of the birds we see here. I’m really not equipped to take clear pictures, but I can get a fairly close shot of what we are seeing + it’s fun to use my camera as a kind of binoculars.  The sounds accompanying the crowd listed above as well as those yet to be identified is a real treat + has me hooked on a bit of mandatory Sunday birdwatching from the porch.  These really are such beautiful creatures.  So tiny and yet packed with so many features and voices too.  God’s creation never ceases to amaze!

Here is another bird guide I found on my shelf that I originally bought on a antique trip (see more of my piddlin’ finds here!) as interesting vintage decor. Look at the inscription + inside covers which feature bird silhouettes for added ID aid!! Just lovely! It is a very fun supplemental book that is slightly water damaged, but still fun to flip through.


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