Self-care tip of the week: Enjoy a nice, long bath!

…a detox bath to be sure.  The formula below is one that is said to draws toxins out of the body while giving a deep sense of relaxation.  Someone out there can explain the science to this, as it may sound redundant, a bath relaxing, no!  This specific mixture in the bath is one that I had been wanting to try + I finally had all the ingredients in one place!  May I be the first to say, it was easily the most relaxing one I have enjoyed in some time.  Try it for yourself the next time you need a little filling of your well!

Detox Bath:
Fill the tub with warm to hot water (I make mine as hot as I can stand), mix in a handful of epsom salt, a 1/2C baking soda + 10 drops of lavender essential oil.  Feel your entire body + mind melt into the soothing waters + enjoy the simplicity of a bath at day’s end.  If you can, watch the sunset casting shadows on the wall + have no devices anywhere near you, except to add the benefits of some classical/instrumental music.  The second I stepped in I began to feel each of my cares melting away.

As an added bonus: I will leave my spotify playlist for you here.  I created the playlist after the CD —titled the same as playlist— I purchased many years ago became unplayable.  It is available for purchase on amazon, just click on the cover image below.  With Mothers’ Day approaching, I would be remiss to not mention my mom’s constant advice, if you don’t feel well, “go take a bath!”  Wow, was she right all those years ago when this became one of my favorite escapes.  Is it any wonder why bath treats like fine soaps + salts are so popular?  Soothing music, like epsom salts + lavender oil can elevate a simple bath to the much-deserved, weekly ritual it should be.  On top of all that I decided last minute to also use this honey facial from The Body Shop + voila, my boudouir was a peaceful sanctuary!


Here’s hoping the rest of your week will promptly give way to a peaceful weekend.

from our porch to yours

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