Fruity + hoppy, this beer is here to party!  First enjoyed by Ryan who ordered it on date night + in a rare move, called them back to get the name of it + started buying it whenever we saw it available.  Each of their beers are supurbly made with a very satisfying flavor.

Wait, so hold up, a scoff—wha?


Scofflaw is a brewery here in Atlanta that makes fantastic beer with a kicking brand to boot!  Take a look at their website + come visit them in person sometime too.  We are finding more + more often, that people who make beer are some of the most passionate folks around.  It’s nice knowing that you’re supporting a person or family nearby who is chasing their dreams just like we are.

Scofflaw Basement  00EF4F28-8CE1-4F61-A9BD-B6425ACD403A

What: Basement; 7.5%

Who/Where: Scofflaw Brewery; Atlanta, GA

Flavor: juicy, earthy, citrusy, lemongrass, hoppy

When: 24-7-365

Fun facts: First discovered on a date night, we so enjoyed this beer, that the day after our date, we had to call back to ask for more details on it. / could there be a cooler name for a brewery than Scofflaw?!

+ the sister beer:

What: POG Basement; 7.5%

Who/Where: Scofflaw Brewery; Atlanta, GA

Flavor: fruity, passion fruit, hoppy, orange

When: 24-7-365

Fun facts: this is “the defiled version” of Basement, but I taste nothing wrong with it!


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