Love this line, so much! Life is about livin’ + you can’t do that while holding your phone!  I find this phrase on repeat in my mind every since I first saw it, maybe it will stick with you too.  Life is better when we just lay down all of our distractions.

Originally came across this months ago but finally tracked down it’s original author + she is a FABULOUS real live ray of sunshine- please spend a second to check her out on instagram @ jennakutcher  for more inspiration on the days you need it most!


p.s.  I have a mom-friend who tells me all the time “ I lost my phone” + I just smile.  Everyone loses their phone from time to time, but this particular phrase in this season of life with two under four, has made me realize + appreciate those days when I too sit my phone down only to find it some evenings after the girls are in bed, and those are the best-spent days of all! I mean—how can a proper pillowfight occur if you’re always worried about your phone?!

Try “losing your phone” more often + let me know if it doesn’t make a difference in your life!




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