Here are a few birds + a chipmunk we saw this afternoon from the porch!

We also had the pleasure an uncommon sighting—a pileated woodpecker was spotted this morning just past 8:30am scaling the side of one of the large pine tree skyscrapers in our yard.  The bird was massive in size + ranks among the largest field birds in North America.  We typically see downy + red-bellied woodpeckers as well as the occasional hawk here, but this was just unbelieveable.

We had just been looking at the bird book, when my oldest pointed + asked about the very same bird.  I had moments earlier told her we would rarely see that woodpecker (did you know there are quite a few types of this bird?!).  She seemed disappointed but only for a second, + then I heard the unmistakable cry which led me directly to the front door.  I could not believe my eyes.  The same bird we had just put a finger on in the book was now perched 50 yards from us—what luck!!  It persisted to look around for food, flying + perching all around the trees branches + bark, despite it’s large frame.  We saw the same bird later that afternoon + I only wish I could have had my camera in-hand.

Here’s a snapshot of the bird in our birding book:

Despite my luck, I was able to capture a few others who seemed to be in constant motion meanwhile.  Take a look at a few attempts to capture these stunning songbirds!

a male cardinal:


american robin:


a juvenile eastern bluebird; a favorite around here lately, as their feathers are starting to turn bright blue it is a sight equal parts bizzarre + beautiful!


a young chipping sparrow; these little guys are wonderfully colored with a distinct look, don’t you think?  I love his little cap!


our state bird, the thrasher:


+ last, our spritely eastern chipmunk; also loves diet mountain dew (if you know, you know)


That’s all for now.  As you may have noticed, our camera’s zoom lens is not the best choice for this sort of thing, however I did manage to snap these from our front porch!  While I’d love to share more images like these, I don’t plan on investing in a telephoto lens anytime soon.

I will continue to share sightings as I am able.  Do you notice the birds in your yard?  Do you ever take time to identify them with your kids?  I find it is such a cool way to observe + learn more about the nature that surrounds us everywhere + everyday, otherwise unnoticed.  As my brother likes to say, “NEATure”!

from our porch to yours

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