Wahoo!  Here are a few pics from our inaugural Sushi Friday in our new home from this time last year as well as our one year sushi fest from celebrating one year this past weekend!  We’re big nerds, right?

Sushi Friday has been going on for a while in our nest, but it has become a habit upon calling Georgia home.  There was a big hiatus with sushi while I was pregnant, so bringing this back to our dinner lineup was exciting all around.



I recall the first time Ryan suggested we do sushi + a movie after baby no. 2: we were still renting + I was feeling blue + he said, why don’t we make a date of it?  So we watched The Notebook for the first time in forever, reminisced about life in Charleston (where it was filmed) + noshed on some very yummy sushi.  You may think- in Atlanta?  Yes. In Atlanta, we have found sushi that does in fact compare with a couple of our favorite haunts in Charleston + I’d wager these are even a little fresher tasting!


A few of our favorite rolls lately include ingredients like ahi tuna, kiwi, + even the occasional potato chip, alongside the usual suspects: tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, etc.  It’s so nice ordering sushi in… I really don’t know how to fully explain this.  It gives us a nice, cozy feeling to settle in on a Friday night with a movie just after the girls have gone to bed.  We often had sushi date nights + once our first child arrived, we craved it, so we started ordering take out sushi.  Funny enough, it wasn’t long until she started eating quite a bit of our sushi so we reverted from having it at family meal time to just between us two!  She’s three, so she has plenty of time to continue growing her palate—


Date nights at home may sound boring or lame, but I am here to tell you, they are just as fun + sometimes even more fun than going out.  Now that we have kids, we have made a conscious effort to take our date night show on the road with something nearby + a local babysitter; we do this around 1x/month or bi-monthly + it’s great, but there is nothing like getting cozy with the one you love + sharing favorite eats + flicks!  There’s a million ways you can spin it to- card games, board games, we personally love to do a crossword as often as nightly before bed!  It’s these little things that make everyday special + yes, bonus points if you do them on the porch— always!

Do you have any milestone related mealtime traditions?!  Please share!  Until next time…




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