homemade americanos, served up over ice in our china cups are currently carrying me thru these last August afternoons straight into Autumn …who’s ready for fall, y’all?!  uhh…this girl.


daily journaling + activity logging; because as Will Durant (not Aristotle) said,

“You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit”


Waiting on Martha Home; it’s the most beautiful, happy shop nestled “between the Paces” in Vinings, GA.  It’s my go-get-happy place and my first choice when I am looking for a pick-me-up to loosen my grip on life a bit.  The curated selection, the displays, the music + even the shade of paint on the door as well as front counter area (a high-gloss, dreamy blue-green) creates an ambiance that has my mind wandering there often.  When I take a morning for myself, this is where I go!  They always make me feel right at-home to peruse to my heart’s content + I always leave feeling inspired + just so happy.  I could go on + on about this place, but I’ll save further gushing for a future post.  When I can’t make it to Vinings, their shop website is equally lovely + inspiring + helps me get my fix.  Must mention: if you don’t catch vivacious founder/owner Mandy Kellog Rye in-shop, she also plays host on her gorgeous blog that started it all!  I dare you to not be inspired—


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