Target Drive Up

is there another more perfect accommodation by a store than this?! When I first saw it as an option, I thought my eyes were deceiving me.  I have used it on many occasions because toddler meltdowns are real.  Since I can’t grow any additional arms anytime soon, this is such a wonderful time saver.  I can shop early AM before the kids wake up or after they are down at nap/night + it’s ready for pickup within two hours.  Plus- even offers a grace period to pick up the order. You pull into a nicely designed, reserved spot in the parking lot after notifying the store you are en route.  Then, someone from inside delivers the goods to your car— sounds too good to be true?  Yea, it’s one of the best things since I have become a mom of two!

Trust me- I would rather be getting the steps + fresh air as well as a little mindless browsing from time to time, but some days call for a little help from my friends!  Hip-hip-hooray for modern technology.

Trader Joe’s

I go through seasons with Joe- sometimes we jive othertimes I just don’t have the time. Right now, Joe + I are totally getting along. Everything I have found while perusing the aisle with my sidekick (while we simultaneously search for Alex the Monkey- so fun) has been a delicious success. I always think I am going to share more of this stuff with you here, alas, where does the time go!? If my brain could just automatically upload the ideas I have– right? Let’s see… vanilla pumpkin candle is a must for a subtle fall scent at home, we are loving the Asian inspired frozen pick ups… goyza, dumplings, brown rice, ginger miso broth, as well as the southwest offerings…chipotle quesadillas, taco seasoning, chicken taquitos + naturally any of their gourmet frozen pizzas are a supurb pick-me-up in a pinch! Why, just this week we made new friends with a mom + her daughter who were at TJs the same time as we were last week as well as this week- so fun!

Taking Walks

this was something that became quite the family tradition for us when we lived in a townhome. Since moving to the hills of Atlanta, it has been a more trying thing to commit to, but with our favorite season finally acquiescing, we have started walking to preschool + are loving every step of it! Ask yourself, is there a better way to start a day than outside with the rising sun + the birds + world waking up along with you?! Not to mention all those wonderful endorphins + calories burned— does a body + mind good!

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