It’s finally here. Baseball’s glorious postseason which this year includes a few playoff games— bonus for any lover of the great American pastime.  It’s especially sweet if your team made it to the playoffs.  Three of the teams I enjoy following are in – so far.  Hubby loves the Braves + no one else.  My brother lives in Chicago, so he sends Cubs gear to the girls (+ me) + we grew up watching the Yankees with Dad growing up- they are the team I cut my baseball lovin’ teeth on.

So, things could change based on the Cubs/Rockies wild card playoff tonight, but I’m looking at a pretty good shot of having a minimum of one dog in this year’s Fall Classic.  I am just a baseball fan, no matter how you slice it.  In recent years when Yankees/Braves haven’t been much to talk about, I found simple joy in watching former Gamecock baseball players go yard for the Mariners, Blue Jays, Red Sox + even Royals.  When all else fails, find someone to cheer for— this way I can always enjoy the sport I love most, regardless of outcomes.  Sure- it’s not super competitive but that is what College Football is for! That’s another post for another day— eek.

So the B E S T part of all this?!  It’s finally feeling like F A L L here in Atlanta— so we are out on the porch this evening taking in the game that brought us together + loving every crisp second of it.

Summer was insanely longer than expected this year, with weather patterns being muddled by Hurricane Flo, but there is very little in life that is not made sweeter by some delayed gratification.  Look- these nighttime temps are perfect for the baseball we’re taking in now – right!? You see?  The glass is always half-full on the porch, y’all.

Let’s Go Bravos / Cubbies / Yankees!!


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