The light filters beautifully through the Georgia pines this time of year.  I find a kind of magic in the Autumn sun’s dreamy ability to add the most cozy appeal to just about anything it shines on.  Catching sight of the path that meanders up to the front porch steps, beside the plants we put in the ground in mid-August (typical start of Fall here) makes my heart light- whether in passing or for a bout of time.

Though our seasons got a little mixed up this year—I blame the tropics—I still have a heart full of hope for our fledging plants.  They are classics + I enjoy watching them change throughout the seasons.  It’s few projects like this one that have the potential to change the feel of one’s home in a weekend + those are such a lovely little luxury in this life, aren’t they?

These are the spent blooms of a “blushing bride” hydrangea past its prime— still providing delightful interest to our little garden— just lovely!

What sort of projects do you like to get into?  Now that Fall seems to have graced us with her prescence, I have a hunch many will be out in the yard, mowing their lawn, planting some fall perennials, staging pumpkins and seasonal decorations + perhaps even dusting off the fire pit for a few s’mores!

Cheers— it’s officially FALL Y’ALL!


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