saturday was the day we have been waiting for!  perfect weather + time to do many of the things we love together.  first up was a trip to our favorite pumpkin patch north of atlanta, the kinsey family farm!  we arrived + took a leisure stroll admiring the beautiful array of farm-grown gourds. we selected our favorites + hauled them home.  see our “five little pumpkins sitting on a [tail] gate”? hopefully we will at least get one carved up this year before the big haunting on all hallows eve!

when the weather gets to be nice like it is now, we love grilling + if there were ever a season made for grilling it’s now.  smoking on the grill adds a unique flavor to just about anything — pizza, mixed nuts, chicken wings + when we’re having friends over, a brisket.

we love to hang a seasonal flag at the girls’ “tiny house” when the weather changes
our first s’mores of the year!  

now that we are settled into our new digs, we’re ready to really get some more use of our backyard firepit.  we hope to have s’more of these before things get to chilly! come join us next time, won’t you?

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