This post ‘pressed to + best accompanied by the sounds of some of our favorite tracks from the Lowcountry’s own, Darius Rucker. Queue a few of them up here via Spotify.

One week this past December, we sipped our coffee with a side of salty sea breeze + fresh, albeit foggy porch views of the Atlantic Ocean on Edisto Beach. When this child of the Lowcountry returns, it’s a religious experience. As we observe the woodsy pines transition to cypress swamp + live oaks draped in spanish moss, followed by palmettos + spartina grass, the undeniable scent of pluff mud oozes through the crack in the car window. Minutes pass. The inside of the car quickly fills with heavy, humid air through the now-wide-open space as we hit the causeway. “You’re HERE! –You came BACK!”, I hear the mud + marsh proclaim. Even the setting sun adds to the sublime homecoming event. No matter how many times I claim that I won’t taste the sea salt running down my cheeks, I do.

We enjoyed family, friends, food, flora + fauna from our porch all week!

The most passion-filled moments were in the arrival + departure, as they always are. The journey of coming + going deeply stirs my soul. Something about that part of the earth will forever move me + it will always be home!

These quintessential rural Lowcountry ‘spanses fill me up with a refreshed spirit + happy tears for days! This ethereal landscape may always be changing, but the salt will forever course through my veins + remain within me.

May there forever be sand in your shoes + a beach music song on your heart!

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