‘pressed at the kitchen counter over the course of 2 days, because . . . that’s mom life


winter is a marathon + it doesn’t matter where you live. winter always keeps us waiting for gardening / beach / no-more-snow season. despite my best efforts —even taking my yoga mat to the beach at christmas time— I fell off the proverbial wagon with my yoga routine. Though I find myself back at square one, I’m BACK. Two important things: early morning yoga is an incredible way to greet the day, as right now the sun rises alongside my morning practice. Second, I have found that in the pre-dawn somewhat quiet, I enjoy it all more when accompanied by a great soundtrack . The resulting ambiance makes me feel as though I am waking up at a very zen yoga studio right in our living room. As the weather warms, I fully plan to enjoy my morning ritual every morning on the back porch!

prayer + meditation

this is a must. I remember making a goal in college that by the time I had a family I would be making time to read scripture daily. we all have our reasons, but for me it is best captured in this song by francesca batestelli “when the crazy kicks in”. my days in these first three months of 2019 have been hit + miss for early (sane) mornings, so as long as I stick to getting at least one devotional read with/before breakfast, I am set for a great day with spiritual priorities in order. The difference is so noticable that in the middle or end of a long day, I realize immediately what I skipped at first light! We have a perpetual calendar next to the coffee pot + I have a book there also to remind me to pick up at least one of these while my coffee brews.

I also have found a refreshing rest in my midday habit with the Calm app. I am leaving a link here for a free 30-day guest pass. If you find it is expired, just drop a line my way so I can get another link for you–there are no kickbacks or sponsorship involved. The sleep stories are what hooked me, but there are sincerely, so many praises for this app: a white noise library filled with sounds for every situation from focus to sleep, soothing bedtime stories for children + adults, as well as a few renewing stretches for those of us stuck in one place / driving / standing / sitting all day / night! The daily meditations offer perspective + even a takeaway quote card for those inclined to pay it forward. A lot of good here– see for yourself!

essential oils

there is so much to be said for essential oils— I have been relying on them since 2014, when I was pregnant with my first babe. out of concern for the well-being of my unborn child, I felt sure there was an alternative to the potent smells + who knows what other side effects of the heavy, chemical cleansers we all grew up with. I borrowed some books from the local library then + have not stopped reading on the subject since! diffusing oils is a lovely alternative to always burning up another candle. currently, I am loving the subtle scent from my “morning wake up” blend which features sweet orange + peppermint with just a drop of ylang ylang.

In the near future, I’d like to share more on my experience with oils. I could probably write a little something here everyday because there is such a wealth of information to be discussed + digested. While essential oils may seem ubiquitous right now, I encourage you to educate yourself before just jumping in. Though I have seen great results with using oils in our home, they are not something to be used casually, as they are a potent, highly concentrated substance.

Do you have any experience with oils? I would love to answer any questions you have here!

What things are currently helping you find your daily balance?

Thanks for stopping by- have a great, relaxing weekend!

from our porch to yours

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