I have this thing…an appreciation for aesthetically pleasing combinations, with color, light, the way things are arranged + how they play off each other. So, when I try to explain how much I enjoy the endless combinations of wrapping paper + ribbon, well, forgive me if I write a book.

For much of my youth, all I wanted to give or receive was that often-sung, never used combination of “brown paper packages tied up with strings”, thanks to Julie Andrews’ performance in The Sound of Music. I know, I am such an old-soul, right? Well–call it what you want, I have always enjoyed timeless things. I mean- the idea that something could never go out of style appeals to me in a way I’ve never tried to describe before.

Whether it be birthdays, Christmas, baked goods, a simple thank you or just because, there is something to be said for how you wrap it. Most of the time I trend towards the classic touch- bakers twine on cookies, red ribbons at Christmas, you know the drill. But lately, I have enjoyed creating new combinations that can also have a fresh feel without being overly trendy. If I am loosing you, then perhaps you don’t love wrapping gifts as much as I do. Can I ask then, if maybe I could help you with your next present-giving ritual? It would be my sincere honor, to either come up with a paper + ribbon scheme for you for a certain occasion, or perhaps I could help you get things tied up.

It sounds silly, but I have a lot of memories that involve wrapping paper. The sound of mom cutting paper + curling ribbons through the evening on Christmas Eve Eve, my first high school job at Hollipops -a classic toy store- where I learned some tried + true tips + tricks to making a package look great EVERY single time. This was also, where I learned a lot about creating a brand identity that was memorable + recognizable. I hope I never forget the way Dad would come to me on Christmas Eve with that one or “actually…well, maybe three” more gifts he forgot to wrap– it always made me smile then + truly I miss doing that for him now. All those years that my Uncle Hal would bring over the shopping bags with his kids asking for some help in making it look so pretty for his lovely bride to open.

It’s in giving that we receive, + surely it’s what’s inside that counts, but something about the outside to me feels like a warm hug, as if I never opened it–if it was too pretty to rip + cut into, it would be present enough– for me.

Let me create a look that you will love too. I’d be thrilled to do it! Let’s get wrapping!

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