originally composed in November of 2019 + I’m finally getting around to clicking “publish”!  here’s hoping we get to do all of these fun things again soon + maybe more…

The girls are home now for the next week for Thanksgiving break! It’s an exciting opportunity to spend time with my girl squad together again. They have already begun to take full advantage of the together time, just like the sweet sisters we love, Maple + Willow. The story about Maple + Willow Apart is one of the first to be included in all of our autumn book nooks, + it helps us to remember that sisters can still be friends even if they don’t ride the school bus together. The whole series about these two loving siblings have been a family favorite since the time we began to introduce Walker to the idea of being a big sister.

The way our two littles love books, setting up a loosely themed reading center is a no brainer every month, plus, it doubles as seasonal decor. Once the book nook is decked out, stocked with our favorite titles + a few new ones too, the house is basically decorated.

So today (2019), with my kindergartener home sick + missing her sweet Friendship Feast at school, I decided it was the best possible moment to begin some lighthearted crafts to lift our spirits!  We enjoyed a few color by numbers, then a pumpkin pie DIY garland for our bookshelf.

Pumpkin Pie DIY Garland

Be creative–these shapes could easily be used for pretend play, thanksgiving table decor or even to teach fractions!

1 // collect supplies

  • construction paper; 2 sheets orange, 1 sheet light brown
  • 7-8 cotton balls
  • glue stick
  • piece of twine for designated area

2 // cut + glue shapes

  • cut 7-8 triangles from the orange paper
  • cut 7-8 1/2″ strips from brown paper
  • accordion fold the brown sheets; tip: stack + fold them all at once
  • glue the brown piece (crust edge) at the broad side of the orange triangle (pie slice)

3 // glue cotton ball on the center of each pie piece

4 // attach each slice to your twine string using scotch tape, or perhaps some packaging tape for a firm hold.

5 // hang garland + voila!

update: I just pulled this out of the holiday closet tonight (2020) + it still looks great! 

Here are a few other ideas that I’m hoping my girls + I will fit in next week:

paper plate turkey wreath. | thanksgiving pictionary | autumn leaf garland | natural leaf wreath | pinecone turkey | sponge painted turkey plate | crazy turkey hat | pilgrim boy + girl hats (a favorite tradition of ours in recent years) | thanksgiving word search

If there’s anyone out there thinking, “how would I ever find the time?”– I’d be thrilled to help you design a quick seasonal book nook for the kids in your home too, drop a line anytime to let me know your interested.