so often we think, this wall needs “something” or that room feels bare. I’m here to tell you that if you have kids, there is something you already have at home that you can use for budget friendly, quick fixes for these areas: your kids’ handmade art!

this is such a win-win for all of us! finally, a unique piece of art that reflects who you are + what you love at little to no cost to you. no one else will have the exact same piece as you + it can easily be taken down to replace or rotate seasonally.

“but where + how do I start?”

you know all those crafts that come home from preschool + kindergarten that may or may not be sitting in a box in the closet? this is their shining moment. decorating with your children’s art is a good idea for so many reasons– it’s easily acquired at little cost to you, it’s seasonally updated but also, the simple act of hanging these pieces on your walls will bring so much joy to your children’s hearts! Have you ever dreamed one piece of finger painted paper could do so much?! If you haven’t considered this before it is as simple as taping directly to the wall with washi, but there are of course other convenient ways to make your kids world a little brighter + your home a little more cozy in the process.

please let me know if you are interested in making a larger work of art from your children’s creations! I would love to help guide you based on what you are working with in terms of space + creative pieces. contact me here when you’re ready to have a cozier, more welcoming + lived-in home!

from our porch to you,

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