after i return home from a little time away, i really look forward to taking a moment to savor that first breakfast back at home on the porch— here everything seems brighter, a bit fresher + somehow…different. while there is nothing new at all about those familiar sights, smells, sounds, tastes + colors experienced from the porch swing, my senses quickly remind me that this place is home. it’s as if our house welcomes us back again to take time to rest from all that has excited us on our travels, as well as find refuge from all that we have encountered during our journey to + from.

my usual bagel hasn’t tasted this good in weeks leading up to our trip— something about it after returning home makes it taste so much better. this is one of our favorite bagel sandwiches, the combo is not overcomplicated if you have a good local bagel shop that can accommodate: everything bagel untoasted, scallion cream cheese, tomato when in season + bacon. this is almost all we order anymore next to the occasional pastrami + swiss. if you’re still looking for a great anytime bagel combination, i encourage you to try it!

do you have a spot in your home that feels like a big hug whether you been around town, or traveling far away? if you don’t, the simple act of noticing these spaces of your life + how they make you feel can make a compelling impact on your happiness while you find yourself at home.

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