dear reader, i am forever thinking about the many things i’d like to share with you here on the porch! i think of these ideas almost constantly + am hopeful i will get them all posted here in due time. for now, i have to share what i’ve learned on our most recent plane trip. if you are already a world-class traveler, then you know that packing cubes are the unsung hero of travel!

now for more than one reason, i can’t wait to get back on a plane!

not only do these efficient zippered totes keep things simple + easy to pack into a carry on, they make it a breeze to pack everything back up before heading home, dirty laundry included. added bonus that i didn’t see coming? laundry back home is virtually effortless! i simply grabbed the packing cubes that contained our family’s dirty clothes out of our bags + emptied them into the dirty basket for any necessary sorting then immediately started the first load. voila! from now on, i will be using these whether traveling by land or by air. . . . how did we ever function before?

carry on bags are easier than ever to pack + unpack with this game changing travel tip