five years ago, ryan found a florist downtown to arrange a stunning birthday bouquet which included dahlias with one or two the size of a large dish! as we drove back home, i couldn’t stop staring at these beautiful flowers that left me feeling stunned. i had never recalled seeing anything like them before. i had already fallen hard for cut-flowers of an old world variety, but this type of bloom was something i had not yet encountered.

since that day, i have learned the names of these pretty petals -the largest of which are called dinner plate dahlias- as well as their origins in mexico, which included being grown as an agricultural crop! they are about as varied flower as any i know of, often having a wide range of size, shape + colors. they still render me captivated + oftentimes speechless in their presence. just look at them! these pictured below were all being grown in the ga/nc mountains where we love to visit.

shortly after the birthday bouquet, we discovered a neighbor of ours has been an avid dahlia grower for some 20+ years + belongs to a dahlia growing society here in georgia. his gardens attract our attention each summer with the kaleidoscope of colors atop the tall stems, these plants are known for.

between their curling, repetitious petals + their vivid colors, it’s easy to see the way they reflect the cheery nature the sun is known for. these are my favorites…for now!

have a great week + may it be filled with fresh flowers!

from our porch to yours

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