it finally happened–last weekend we returned to the pacific northwest! my mind hasn’t stopped reeling, in simply trying to savor it all. after traveling there eight years ago + again this year, there is so much i could tell, show + share. it’s completely surreal to me even now, that we made it back– at times it felt like we were only just there + other moments, i was practically brought to tears for how long it took us to return.

there’s something different + deeply special about this part of the country that makes my heart feel so wild + free when i’m there. this image captures a feeling for me, of dreams realized. i wanted to share it here, because it was a moment that meant a lot of things to me personally but also–look at that view! from seven stories up + however many blocks away, it was breathtaking. i want to tell you here, that it’s never too late to dream. we were each made to dream, hope + pray for big things in each of our lives + for good reason. we all can benefit from dreaming more, perhaps in order that we may learn how to “live life more abundantly”. there is no substitute for living a fulfilling life. only you can define what that means to you in your heart. what i know is this, when we as people feel fulfilled, we are able to pour out more genuine love + encouragement for others. in turn, i think the world could be a better place if we all allowed ourselves + others space to dream a little more often + i daresay dream bigger.

this was a stunning porch view moment that i knew i had to share here. i’m also looking forward to sharing a little deeper perspective on sunday. it’s a few thoughts put into words that i drafted a number of years after our first trip to seattle. i hope you’ll stop back by the porch then, so i can share it with you!

until then, wherever you are, don’t forget to stop + enjoy the view–

mary catherine

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