do you ever find yourself in a moment where a warm chocolate chip cookie would be just the thing, but you don’t have any cookie dough? i grew up like most, on all the store bought brands of cookie dough, but i have always reached a point with food + baked goods when i realize i can make this for less than i can buy it + you gotta know, it always tastes better from scratch!

so i tried a few recipes until i found the one: sweet + salty, two kinds of chocolate, ooey-gooey, yet also with a slight crunch. even better, the recipe encouraged making a whole batch + storing the dough balls in a freezer bag until we were ready to make them –fresh– every time! this was a new idea to me + i have been doing it ever since. the little joy of baking cookies fresh whenever we want them is next to none… it’s a simple thing but i keep saying it, small things make all the difference. what a refreshing idea, to mix the dough once + bake to your hearts content–for a whole month!

i’m excited to tell you, we’re bringing these freezer bags of cookies just like we enjoy at home, to our local friends + neighbors, with cookies x pencil + ink. we want to share more warm-cookie moments with you + your loved ones + it starts here. we’ve done the mixing for you + all you have to do is decide when you want a warm homemade cookie + pop a few in the oven.

looking forward to passing out these smiles to you soon!

mary catherine

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