when the time comes that you realize you just can’t seem to put your hands on the right coat or shoes on your way out the door, or if you’re never sure where to hang your coat to dry after your rainy day errands–either it’s time to get organized (we have a professional recommendation for you!) or it’s time to install a coat drop.

we’ve done these a number of ways now: we converted an extra pantry storage to an enclosed entry drop zone, a basement upgrade to a family locker/movie room, + also converted a generic bank of hooks to something more substantial + efficient with a dash of style to boot.

when you need your space to function smoothly, chances are you needed it weeks, months, years…?…ago. so it’s only natural that these “small” home projects would occasionally have some details overlooked as you rush to “just get the job done.” the home improvement/diy world has seemingly been a full-on movement in our lifetimes, but post-pandemic, scoring a great contractor can sometimes feel a bit like winning a lottery! then you have them booked + you may feel pressure to just go go go “get it done while i can” + so details get missed. you have your project done, but how will it work for you + how will it age?

this space may not look like much, but it has completely changed the way we use + enjoy this room!

when you’re past ready for improvements to the spaces where you live work + play, it’s worth a couple first steps, usually a few extra weeks, to consult with a space planner/architect to see what your options are. the end result can + will change drastically with even the smallest of details accommodated. in the industry we call them “specs”, because if you can’t say specifically what you want, then you’re just gonna get what’s available or what someone else thinks will be best.

i have never known ryan to complain about much, so when he mentioned he was ready to have a spot to sit his coffee while helping juggle coats + boots with girl 1 + girl 2, i knew it wouldn’t be long until he broke out a pencil, made a sketch, materials list + headed off for supplies. in a weekend, he made that coffee ledge right atop our new sturdier than ever raincoat hooks + it just may be one of the best features in our home because of the everyday functionality it brings to our lives! there is also a storage closet door here that is now seamlessly blended into the wall + it is an aesthetic dream come true.

little details like this may not seem worth putting your coveted contractor on hold for, but we’re here to show you otherwise. taking time to consider how these things can be the tiniest bit improved upon, can make a huge difference. when your husband practically has a coffee mug semi-permanently taking the place of his right hand, having a well designed ledge incorporated into the plan, can at-times feel life changing. single days add up to weeks, weeks to years then all of a sudden, your whole life is affected by the minutia of every morning, afternoon + evening ritual.

never underestimate how much a seemingly tiny change may help you enjoy life a little more. let us know how we can help make your life a little better, when you’re ready!

from our porch to yours