for too long, i allowed myself to believe that i didn’t have a bunch of friends. grateful for what i had found in my own family of four, maybe i even thought i didn’t need friends. it took me three decades to see the beautiful truth: “friends are the flowers in life’s garden”.

people change, friends will come + friends will go. in the past couple years i have learned not to fear those eventual changes, rather to embrace the circumstances exactly where i am now. we can look at all the flowers in a summer garden + celebrate exactly what they are today, without mourning their eventual fading + turning to seed that is sure to come as all things do.

when we gaze upon these colorful reminders of a masterful creation, it doesn’t bring sadness for what they will be, only gladness for what they are. next summer, i’ll just smile remembering today’s bright petals + intricate subsets of flowers on flowers. i believe that like my zinnias when i cut + share them, two more grow + bloom where before there was only one.

there will always be more flowers, when we are willing to do the good work of cultivating. once a friend is made, i also believe the kindness shared between them doesn’t ever die, though it may naturally fade. surely there are ripples that will continue to echo forever in our hearts + extend our growth on the way to becoming better humans.

nothing we have today will last forever, but if we count the good, little things we see as blessings here + now, we can carry them always in our hearts, just like this little basket of cuttings from the backyard zinnia patch! “never dig up what you once planted in faith.”

i’m so glad you stopped by the porch today! please do come back soon.

celebrate today, friends!

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