this year for my birthday, i decided to make an effort to create a new tradition of celebrating with a few friends! i found a cut-flower farm + planned a day trip with a small handful of friends to go check it out with plans for a picnic lunch followed by dinner on the backporch after our day’s journey!

as fate would have it, the flower farm’s season ended before we could make it there, but we were still able to spend a few hours together on the back porch, arranging flowers + enjoying one another’s company. it was a great time + the most fun i’ve had with friends in a while! there are genuinely few things i love more than sharing time + a meal with people in my life. to everyone who sent their love my way, thank you for helping me celebrate the time that has passed + the times yet to come. i’m sincerely grateful to each + every person who loves me exactly as i am + i feel -so- incredibly lucky to have you in my life, encouraging me along the way. thank you so much for holding a space for me in your heart.

i loved dreaming up all the details, from the dinner menu, music + table linens, to the votives, vases + seed-bearing lollipops for each friend to take home. each with the hope of creating a space that was relaxed + enjoyable. i hope that next time, you can join us too!

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