when we lived in charleston, we often enjoyed a ritual fondly referred to as “friday lunch date.” it started when ryan + i both worked separate jobs + served as a nice catch up before the weekend began. when our sweet baby came along, we took her right along with us + enjoyed sharing the tradition.

monza on king street was a favorite haunt for us, where a server always welcomed you to your table with a carafe of water + small, simple glasses they’d fill as you sat–i loved it. this wasn’t the only place i had ever seen it done, it’s just the one that stuck with me. i remembered how refreshing it was, particularly on those days when i didn’t yet realize i was thirsty, this short glass of water inviting me to imbibe.

after we moved, i wanted to learn more about hosting house guests + make them as comfortable as possible. in our new home, most of our guests would be traveling from much longer distances than in the past. i read that having a carafe of water, a glass + even a small chocolate for the bedside table are some small gestures, that help anyone feel doted on + can aid in a peaceful night’s sleep. i liked to chill our carafe prior to their arrival + hand it to our friends or family as they headed down for bed. it’s a nice convenience, especially at night after the whole house has gone to bed. our guests enjoyed it so much, that night after night they’d ask to refill it for the next evening! i found that sometimes i ended up with an extra carafe in the fridge after their stay. pouring a small glass for myself one day, i remembered those lunches at monza + it brought such a smile to my face.

i haven’t stopped since! something about chilled water is wonderfully refreshing, good for metabolism, + feels like such a luxury! what could be more simple than filling a glass bottle with tap water + placing it in the fridge? even our children started requesting chilled water with meals or at snack time. i love that in this minute way, i’ve been able to teach them something so small can make such a wonderful difference.

try it sometime + let me know how it elevates your everyday life!

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