ten years ago ryan + i took our honeymoon in italy, staying for part of the time along the italian riviera. among our many favorite food memories, are the freshly baked-that-morning + wafting-in-through-an-open-window apricot cornetto we enjoyed in monterroso.

for the past decade we have craved these on occasion, only to be met with the reality that nothing may ever come close stateside, as we have determined about all things tasted in italy. ask ryan about his coffee order.

it took all these years for me to finally find a croissant even close to worthy of an attempt at recreating this ultimate wanderlust inducing treat.

créma café is aptly described on google as a “cheerful mainstay” in dunwoody, that we found early on after relocating to atlanta. i could describe the many delightful pastries they make there in so many words + their roast beef sandwich is plainly put, sublime. when we want deli + pastry done right, this is it.

maybe it was after seeing a picture of the original flaky masterpiece from the archives one day recently that caused me to realize all the elements that had me daydreaming: a friend brought the cutest little jars of apricot jam over for tea + i recalled the powdered sugar i could easily sprinkle over the top + of course, créma had the roll.

it was delicious + the perfect fix to keep us from missing italy, for at least another month!

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