when i met my first dahlia, it was a massive, decorative bloom with milky pink petals like flames pointing out from the center. it was the size of my head, no exaggeration. after learning these are called dinnerplate dahlias, i began to dream of seeing more of these whimsical beauties, + eventually of growing my own. over the years they have continued to find me, here in atlanta, while visiting the pacific northwest + my kind neighbor a few doors down! it feels often that dahlias + i were on a collision course for one another + i only hope that our shared course is just beginning.

words escape me when i try to describe these + they make my heart flutter like (almost) no other flower can. there is a sublimely magical quality to them that i just cannot nail down. see if you have words for these, my very own dinner plate dahlias grown in the backyard! ✨

i’ll just be here for a little while longer sighing in amazement, awe + wonder,

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