when our girls started playing soccer, it was initially every bit the overload we expected from the youth sport. fields teeming with kids, families, dogs, strollers, coaches + referees. year two, covid was still having its effect on the day to day + our two girls either had practice simultaneously or an occasional same match time. from the start, we wanted to be intentional about taking-in the activity without getting swept up in the sidelines of shouting parents. so for one reason or many, our family has always backed the truck up to the sidewalk that runs parallel to the fields + we tailgate…whether for football or fútbol, it works!

saturday mornings, we can sit here + quietly continue to imbibe in our coffee ritual -a second, third or fourth cup- while also allowing our dog -large or small- to tag along. we can see everything without being on top of anyone or getting distracted from the game by conversations + by-far the best part is how we still get to see everyone coming + going from the fields. when we started this new experience, we were still getting to know our neighbors, friends + their families; now that we’ve been doing this for a few years, we run into almost everyone we know on practice night + saturdays, weekly. in so many ways, it feels like an extension of our porch where we can be ourselves + welcome others as they stop by to chat or stay for a while to join us.

it’s okay to be different. if we teach our kids anything, i pray it will be this. because as a favorite saint famously said: “when you are what you should be you will set the world on fire!”. no one can change the world if we look + act + do just as the world is. we want to inspire others to dare to be different + dream of a brighter future that you imagine, then be fearless + be the change.

from our porch to yours

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