we live on this porch. it’s here, we watch the rain showers + thunderstorms come + go, + the sun rise + fall.  when the weather is nice in the morning + even when it is raining, we all enjoy breakfast + our first cup of coffee together here with a side of sleepy smiles + giggles.  at days end, we find ourselves noshing al fresco again as we tie up the days’ loose ends + together we finish sharing the scenes of our day as we begin to quiet our minds.  it’s from this porch that the girls + i wave bye-bye, hello-again + last minute i love you-s as “dada” heads to work each day.

it’s football we tune into in the fall while in the summer we come here to have lunch after playing hard out in the yard.  we keep our eyes primed for fireflies flashing at the edge of our lawn at dusk, look out for hushed families of deer sneaking through the grass + listen to each songbird’s happy tune amongst the trees.  we smell the shift of seasons in the air when we feel those occasional, heavenly breezes off the nearby chattahoochee river, all while watching the kiddos play + pines trees sway.

we cry, we dance, we laugh, we fuss, we sing + we talk, oh, do we talk—and nothing is off limits— faith, politics + even finances, because people who speak openly together stay close together.

on the porch, we savor good food, fellowship + each other. our hearts swell + teem with heartfelt gratitude for the blessings we’ve been given here + now as well as the charge that comes with them, to be gracious stewards of these gifts with anyone who would come join us. we survive + thrive, we fall down, we recharge + we get back up again.

we celebrate life on this porch + would love to have you stop by to sit for a spell often, so get cozy + c’mon, let’s have some fun! our porch is always open + the invitation is standing.  grab a blanket, take a seat + settle in! we are elated that you mosied over this way.

porches + pillowfights is about living all of life with the same attitude attained while spending quality time on the porch.  how a simple step, even for a minute, outside carries with it the potential to vastly change our perspective, our mood, our day + in turn our lives, + “pillowfights” because who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned pillowfight?!  really, to me, it calls to mind the many simplicities every day life has to offer that are in no way small, because it is while we enjoy the seemingly mundane little things like a some fresh fallen snow, stove top hot cocoa, an afternoon coffee, a random dance party in barefeet or a silly laughing fit– these are each the moments that have the ability to elevate an ordinary day into some of our most vivid memories + in turn, our lives become richer and happier. there are many such tiny treasures in each + every day we are given in this one, precious life + i remember so many of them from my own childhood instantly— many of which were made on a porch.  i’ll have to share our family tradition of “swinging all the way to new york!” sometime soon.

it is my sincere hope that while here on our porch, you + i might share a little bit of what makes each of our lives so enjoyable, whether the days are stormy + gray (my personal favorite) or sun-shining bright, from days that overflow with blessings to days we have trouble seeing even one silver lining. i look forward to giving you a peek from our porch + as well as a few views beyond. thanks for coming by!