Hi, I’m Mary Catherine; thanks for joining me on the porch!

This may be a new spot for you to find my creative ramblings, but I am not new to putting my thoughts on “paper”.  What started as a love for antiques in 2010 soon morphed to a love for writing + so I enjoyed sharing all the fun parts of being a newlywed.  These days, the love of my life + I have been blessed with our family of five.  Since Walker was born in 2014, I have been afforded the life changing opportunity of staying home with her—not simply to feed her + change her diaper but to teach her about life, the boundaries + the beauties!   This calling does not present itself without challenges + so together we have been learning about those too.

Being a mom + wife around the clock challenges me to think of the bigger picture + in turn to constantly look beyond the cliches + status quo of being a stay at home mother.  These findings are what I live + love to share— let’s call them silver linings.

I am here now because I want to leave our girls plenty of good memories + good-hearted lessons along the way.  This is the place I have created to share some deep thoughts + some fun ones also.  My aim is to always remember to share the joys of this life with anyone who’s looking for a little more glass-half-full mentality—I know I am.

A grateful heart is a happy one, after all!  Please, stop by anytime—


I’ve been blogging for a decade, so I thought I might dust off these links for you + leave them here in case you wanted to see some of my other work!

It all began with my love for hunting for antiques, or as my mom + I know it, piddlin’ …Then, I found a piddlin’ partner who gave me a pretty stunning antique engagement ring + what was our wedding website became a time capsule of sorts while we were feathering the nest …At present, we are enjoying everyday of life with our two girls on porches + pillowfights!

My hope is that you find something shared here to enjoy + relate to.  Please—don’t forget to drop a line sometime to get the conversation going both ways!  Company is always welcome on our porch!

For all inquiries: porchesandpillowfights at gmail dot com