what makes a porch feel welcoming, like the true extension of the spaces in which we live, as they were intended? how can we make the most of a porch or patio, or any outdoor spot where we can sit and share conversation? the simplest elements can elevate these areas of our favorite homes or buildings into something more!

the origin of porches in their varied forms, all point to a gathering place, an entrance, a passageway, a shelter from all sorts of weather + my favorite, a venue for camaraderie. if we aren’t making the most of these areas that are available to us + very much a functional part of our home; i have to ask, are we really living? these vestibules serve as a literal + figurative foyer into our lives, so if we aren’t opening them up + inviting people in every once in a while—why not?

consider taking a look at the outdoor gathering spaces in your life; are they comfortable? what do they have to offer you? do they feel inviting?

at it’s most basic form, there is of course a place to sit; even better if it’s a comfortable one. you probably already know what makes your favorite spot the place you want to spend time. for me it’s the presence of another to share a conversation with, a small tea light candle in a pretty votive tossing light around the room, a soft blanket or pillow + some lamplight. beyond that it’s just the little things like something to sip: hot tea, ice water, wine, with a bit of music in the background + perhaps a little bite of something to eat …oh yes + laughter! that’s it.

extra features might include: a beautiful view, birdsong, a screen door leading outside, a plant to nurture, a window to the kitchen for serving food + cooling a fresh-baked pie, a tv for those languid saturdays during football season, an outdoor speaker for music + the list certainly goes on.

so if you are lucky enough to have a spot where you can take a half step from your home to bask in the sun, or rest in the shade, i challenge you to do that on purpose everyday + tell me your outlook on life doesn’t change.

my wish for you is that you can find people, spaces + community where you can be a little more you + experience the joy of who you are. + as we allow ourselves to sparkle, we gently give others permission to do the same.

tamara levitt, the daily meditation, calm
from our porch to yours

if you dream of a porch of your own, or perhaps you already have one, but aren’t always sure how to use it more,
take a look at pencil + ink creative + let us know when you’re ready to begin!

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